Find Out How Dahab Is Boosting Egypt’s Tourism in the Most Innovative Way

Via i-Dive
Via i-Dive


Coral reef enthusiasts in the coastal Egyptian city of Dahab have installed an underwater art museum in the Red Sea that will eventually give birth to a brand-new reef.


Via i-Dive


The initiative, a part of the Tribe’s Under Water Museum Coral Reef Preservation Project, includes a team of engineers, designers, divers and artists “all working together to remove toxic materials and create artistic eco-friendly statues,” Abd El Rahman Elmekkawi, Dahab Underwater Museum founder, told Baraka Bits.


Via i-Dive


The project was organized by i-Dive Tribe. They enlisted the support of Bedouin Divers, another local group, and worked in cooperation with Egypt’s national protectorates, a set of laws enacted to protect Egypt’s natural resources. The statues are designed to promote the creation of a new coral reef—hundreds of open-ended steel tubes run through them to provide holes where small marine creatures may find shelter from predators.



Several different marine life are using those statues now as their permanent habitat, soft corals have covered most of them, and the incredible discovery were [sic] patches of hard corals starting to form in many areas on the statues’ body in less than one year,” i-Dive Tribe have said on their Facebook page.



WE SAID THIS: If this doesn’t want to make you go to Dahab right now we don’t know what will.


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