Finally, Massar Egbari Released Their Long-Awaited Album, El Album!

Via Massar Egbari

One of the leading bands in the Middle East region, Massar Egbari, has been teasing their album for quite some time now with the successful campaign “El ALbum Feen?” and finally, they released it! The long-awaited album, El Album, is here for all the die-hard fans of Massar Egbari to enjoy.

The album has a song called “Ka2en Fada2y” in collaboration with one of the top rap duos in Egypt, MTM! You can listen to the full album on Anghami right now. Massar Egbari will do two album launch performances this week; in Tap West this Wednesday and Tap East this Saturday! In a similar manner, they’re scheduled to perform the album in their hometown of Alexandria on the 7th of December at 4:30 PM and 8:00 PM, and the two concerts are already fully booked!

Via Massar Egbari

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