Fill Your Tank with Foool Tank


I’m a very Egyptian kinda girl, don’t let the blonde hair and green eyes fool you.

I’ll be the first one to stop at a foul cart in the middle of the street and try out their roughed up delicacies, knowing that the next day my stomach won’t be my friend!

So when one day I opened the door to the Scoop Empire and Nineteen84 offices and found this (picture below), I was beyond excited to try out what everyone had been raving about: Foool Tank.




Lord have mercy, we could have fed a mini-village, but it was exactly what was needed in order for us to try a little bit of everything.

From all different kinds of foul fusions (try the foul with kiri) to ta3meya with eggs and different egg sandwiches, I was in street food heaven. The beauty of it though, was that I didn’t have to worry about getting sick the next day because God knows where that foul cart had been.

The one thing I give these guys credit for besides the amazing food is their innovation. Taking a local delicacy and adding a twist to it, making sure you never get bored. Their prompt delivery and relatively good prices, make this a breakfast staple at most offices.

Take a look at their menu, you have more than enough options to choose from:







Considering that it is still Ramadan and the option of breakfast doesn’t exist, hit them up for a delectable sohour or maybe even fetar if you want to go light.

One last thing: Foool Tank, I have one bone to pick with you… how come we weren’t introduced to this mouthwatering crepe concoction?




WE SAID THIS: Check out their Facebook  for more info and how to order.