Fighting a Culture of Silence: Mona Zaki Joins International Stand Up Program Combatting Sexual Harassment

Following the inexcusable harassment incidents that are disconcertingly on the rise lately, huge anti-harassment movements from different entities have been taking social media by the storm, defying how society has helped in spreading silence throughout the years. But no more! Prioritizing the woman’s file, people are now willing more than ever to use all the tools at hand to combat the age-old dilemma of sexual harassment. Amongst the many programs launched to partake in the anti harassment movement is the international Stand Up program, with Mona Zaki being the latest celebrity to join!

Continuing down the women empowerement path for a long period, Mona Zaki joined the Stand Up program in cooperation with the non-governmental organization Hollaback and L’Oréal Paris, believing in the cause of the international program. Addressing a problem that not only faces women in the MENA region, but all over the world. Women are denied safety in the streets, and this is simply unacceptable.

The US international program aims at training 40,000 people to become upstanders before the end of 2021, and ultimately build a culture where ‘street harassment’ is seen as unacceptable behavior. Globally, the campaign will train 1,000,000 people before the end of 2021, where we can finally see proactive members of the society letting go of the bystander role they’ve been stuck in for years.

Many international celebrities like Céline Marie Claudette, Soo Joo Park, Yseult Onguenet, Nikolaj Coster and Katherine Langford joined in supporting the program, believing in the importance of the issue of harassment and encouraging both women and youth to address the topic. Such movements became a major instrument in giving a voice to each and every girl who fell victim to harassment, as well as protecting those searching for safety and claiming their rights.

This is one initiative in a long chain of achievements in this subject. The days when women were left to feel defeated, unheard, and ultimately feeling obliged to remain tight lipped, are clearly behind us now! Women solidarity manifests itself in sharing victims’ stories and showing unconditional support. With anti-sexual harassment movements launching, as well as international celebrities joining, we can confidently say that we will no longer tolerate cat-calling or touching a girl on our streets! We will no longer leave those who put girls’ safety in peril roam the streets easily.

WE SAID THIS: Kudos to Mona Zaki and to everyone calling out a prevailing culture of harassment!