Fifi Abdou’s Instagram Account During Quarantine Has Reached a Whole New Level of Fabulous

No one can argue that Egyptian Actress and Belly Dancer Fifi Abdou is one of the most popular social media icons in the Arab world. Over the years she had garnered over 6 million followers on Instagram, and millions of others on other platforms. Fifi is known for being one of the most cheerful celebrities in the Arab world, and her videos are always hilarious and empowering.

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, celebrities have been staying at home during the quarantine and posting the funniest videos to entertain their fans while they’re social distancing. However, the influential Fifi Abdou’s posts are on a whole other level ever since the quarantine began! Check out the compilation below, and if you’re not one of the 6 million followers then you should definitely follow her!

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#احمي_نفسك_احمي_بلدك #خليك_في_البيت

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