This Fifi Abdou Video Is Guaranteed to Make Your Life 200% Better


We human beings try to make the most out of life, but we always fail when compared to the queen Fifi Abdou. Facebook user Karim Hashkobly has created a video that is guaranteed to make your life 200% better. The video basically just shows Abdou raising the Egyptian flag, only Hashkobly has edited it to repeat itself a hundred times in different ways. This video obviously works because it’s the one and only queen!


It doesn’t matter if you’re going through the darkest time of your life, aka your partner broke up with you, Al-Shabrawy forgot to deliver your mesa2a3a sandwich or more, this video will make you feel a whole lot better. We can’t stop watching the video, and something tells us you won’t be able to as well.



WE SAID THIS: Watch it and thank us later aywa ba2a, yalla ba2a!