7 Female Fashion Bloggers You Absolutely Need to Follow in Jordan

It’s a fact that Jordanian women know a thing or two about fashion, especially Jordanian fashion bloggers. They eat Prada and Gucci for breakfast, Balenciaga for lunch, D&G for dinner and top it off with Aquazzura for dessert. Delicious, right?


These fashion bloggers stand out from the pack thanks to their one-of-a-kind sartorial sense and sharp business acumen.



Bana Abujaber



Bana’s timeline always makes us so jealous with every post she Instagrams. What we love about her is that she’s really helpful, offering all her fans advice and always has the details of her outfits available.



Dania Dahleh



Dahleh may not blog about her own fashion choices that much, but as the founder Boutique De Mode, she blogs about her designs all the time.



Farah Asmar



When she’s not blogging about her fashion sense, she’s a boss lady at her own bags company: Farah Asmar.



Farah Hourani



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The Fashion Star Arabia’s finalist has a very simple taste in fashion that can quite often be called minimalistic, and we love it.



Hama Hinnawi



What separates Hinnawi from the rest of the blogger is her age. She’s a shining example that bloggers is not just a millennial thing.



Haya Awad


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The blonde fashion designer is the ultimate Arab Barbie doll, except she has the brains to run an entire business.



Hiba Bustami


Same pose same corner ?

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Bustami is as real as they come. Her fashion blog, Ipas Lookbook, is basically an essential to any fashion lover in region.



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