Feelings That Women Should Never Ever Stay Silent About

All too often women are told to keep their feelings to themselves, drawing too much attention is almost always frowned upon by society. We’re constantly told to stop being hysterical or dramatic; we’re labeled as chatty or ungrateful when we attempt to express our feelings of discontent. There are feelings that should never be silenced, there are things that we need to say out loud for the sake of our mental health and well-being, and here is a list of them.



Let People Know When They’re Making You Uncomfortable


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If someone is invading your personal space, sitting too close or saying things that make you uneasy, speak up and say something! No one should be making you feel uncomfortable; no one has the right to make you feel this way. Holding it in will only make the situation worse.



When “No” Means “No”


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When your answer is no, say it as many times as you have to, scream it at the top of your lungs if they’re not listening. You have the right to say no and that decision has to be respected. Never let anyone force you into doing something you don’t want to do.



Speak Up About Being Disrespected


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No one deserves to stay silenced when they feel disrespected, whether it’s a misunderstanding or not you should make sure to never stay quiet about it, and most importantly the person disrespecting you needs to know too.



Talk About Your Feelings Of Depression Or Hopelessness


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Never feel ashamed about feeling hopeless, seeking the help you need is very crucial. It’s essential to find someone, no matter whom, even if you have to call or talk to a stranger.



Speak Up When You Are Being Sexually Harassed


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Whether it’s your teacher, boss, family member or stranger, sexual harassment is something you should never stay quiet about. It does not matter who this person is but staying silent about it will only allow it happen again and again.



Talk About Your Pain


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Letting go of those negative feelings allow more room for positivity to enter your mind and life. Studies show that when you express your pain, whether it’s something someone said or just something you feel about life, you can actually make it hurt less.



Always Express Your Love Loud And Proud


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In a society that condemns any public kissing and hugging don’t be ashamed to love. Love is important and it makes us happy. Don’t silence your love, don’t hide it and definitely don’t let anyone make you feel like it’s wrong.



Speak Out To Understand


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Asking questions is not embarrassing and it’s most certainly your right, if you’re going on a date then don’t feel ashamed to ask about that person’s life goals.




Speak Your Feelings for Happiness


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Constantly keeping your feelings locked inside will eventually take a toll on your mental health. Repression is one of the top reasons that can lead to depression. Not sharing your negative feelings can turn into an unhappy lifestyle in an attempt to cope with them.



WE SAID THIS: Scream and shout and let it all out!