Fake Six Packs RIP Fitness


Doctors have now taken this technique a step further to provide you with a sculpted “six-pack” implants that many men crave today. It has slowly but surely grown in popularity, as more men are discovering this path to sexy with the least time frame possible.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and may require an overnight stay in the hospital. Incisions are made at the belly button, in which the surgeon can place six to eight individual implants. The implants, which lie over the muscle, are designed to conform to the muscle and be flexible enough to move with your bodily activity, while also feeling natural to the touch.

In many cases, the implant surgery is combined with a tummy-tuck procedure or liposuction to provide better access to your abdominal muscles before the insertion of the implants.

Once your surgery is complete, your incisions may be taped or stitched and bandaged to allow for seepage of blood and fluid. You will be sent home wearing a compression garment to promote healing. Your surgeon will also prescribe medicine for pain. Most people are back to their normal activities within a week, but it may be up to six weeks before you can start your workout regimen again. But what’s wrong with people..Seriously? Whatever happened to those good vibes going to the gym and having a healthy life style!!

“This sounds like a joke, there would be so many problems with something like this. Would be wise to stay away and lower your body fat to single digits and work your abs. Remember that a “cosmetic” surgeon is not necessarily a board certified plastic surgeon and may have no real training at all. Beware!”