Facebook Records 47 Million Egyptian Interactions During The 2018 World Cup

Via: Egypt Independent

By Nada Hamouda 

The global community of sports fans came together on Facebook to cheer on the action during the month-long tournament. However, Facebook has just revealed the final statistics of its football fans interactions related to the 2018 World Cup and apparently Egyptians took a huge part of it.

Via: usejournal

Egypt comes fourth with 47 million using text-delights celebrating features in the Most Popular Country Cheers category. The almost 100 million population-sized country comes in the list after Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Moreover, other data highlighted the most-discussed players during the course of the tournament with the Egyptian Superstar, Mo Salah, coming in the fifth place.

Via: Facebook

The Egyptian national team played only three matches as they got a point-less knockout from the Group Stages. However, seems like Egyptians were still passionately participating in the global tournament, at least on the virtual world.

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