Everything You Need to Know About ‘the Made in Egypt’ Exhibition

via: BBC

From July 6th to July 10th, Egypt will be home to The Made In Egypt exhibition. The exhibition will be the place to go for both foreign and local investors, and business owners looking to get a clear view on available investment opportunities that exist in Egypt.


Indeed, an approximate number of 300 companies and 2,000 investors are going to participate in the exhibition. The large number means that there will be representation from a wide range of fields, including but not limited to, electronics, real estate, construction, and furniture.


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Additionally, a conference will be held in correlation with the exhibition’s events. The conference will feature talks about small and medium businesses, factories, and entrepreneurs, and their role in developing the aforementioned fields.


via: BBC


Moreover, the conference will be attended by a vast array of ministers; the Minster of Industry, the Minster of Solidarity, the Minister of Investment, the Minster of Housing, and the Minster of Planning.


According to Daily News Egypt, Ahmed Rafaat -the CEO of Express Arab, the company organizing the exhibition- stated that “Many Egyptian and Arab investors, developers, and manufacturers are interested in identifying the opportunities available in the Egyptian market and the facilities offered by the government to investors and manufacturers, which will be presented through the exhibition.”



WE SAID THIS: We hope that this exhibition is a step forward in promoting Foreign Direct Investment directed towards the Egyptian economy.