Every Night’s a Dry Night

Heading to Hurghada this Easter break? A new hotel has just opened its gates with a very new concept: Every night’s a dry night. That’s right. Egypt’s first non-alcoholic hotel is looking to encourage tourists and Egyptian nationals to enjoy a new tourism approach.

“Tourists have alcohol in their countries, and they must find other alternatives in Hurghada for the purpose of diversity,” quotes Yasser Kamel, resort owner. He goes on to explain that the hotel does not represent the ideas or beliefs of a specific party however that diversity in tourism initiatives should be encouraged.

The grand opening included the breaking and spilling of alcoholic beverages as a grand gesture of the new approach that the administration was taking.

Additionally, the hotel boasts an entire floor for women visitors only. Decked with its own female security and staff.

Islam, the country’s leading religion prohibits alcohol. The resort welcomes people from all religions.

Tourism, an enormous part of the Egyptian economy has suffered directly since an Islamic government led by president Mohammed Morsi has taken power. Worries regarding the future of tourism post revolution have arisen.

The future of the industry is still unclear but with all-women-floors-dry nights “initiatives” we can only hope for the best.