Entreprenelle’s SHE CAN’18 Summit is Coming Up This March

Entreprenelle is holding the biggest female entrepreneurship event, SHE CAN 2018, at The Greek Campus, in cooperation with The National Council for Women, on the 2nd & 3rd of March.

SHE CAN’18 will address women and girls of all ages, covering four different industries; Education, Media, Technology, and Creative. Several activities will be taking place at the event including speeches by over 40 speakers, panel discussions, an exhibition area, live music, and interactive activities.

Furthermore, there will be one-to-one mentorship clinics carried by more than 40 mentors from different fields sharing their experiences and answering the attendees questions.

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SHE CAN’s main goal is to expose girls and women to success stories of other women who were capable of overcoming personal, career, and gender challenges, and to help them gain knowledge from experts in different fields.

“The main idea behind SHE CAN is to help women and girls understand what entrepreneurship is, the opportunities that lie ahead of them in different fields, and how to transform their ideas into real projects by providing them with the required knowledge and experience, [sic]” said Rania Ayman, Founder of Entrepenelle,

Rania added that on of the major issues that cause a gap in the work field is that women are unaware of the available resources in the market, so Entreprenelle acts as a link between women and all those available resources.

Attendees will get the chance to engage in different activities for moms and kids, network with lots of women from different backgrounds, attend different workshops and mentorship clinics that are essential for every woman who wants to start a new business.

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