Entering Ramadan Tents in Dubai Now Requires Proof of Age!

Dubai Season

By Nada Hamouda

Dubai announced a new regulation that limits the entry of a Ramadan tent to people only above 18 years old, due to some ethical and health consequences, according to Redha Salman, Director of Health and Safety Department at Dubai Municipality.

Via Arabian Business

The decision is made based mainly on Shisha consuming as the health department prompted the tents owners to separate smokers’ area from non-smokers’ area.

“Offering Shisha is allowed after 9:00 pm when there is no presence of pregnant women or/and children under the age of 18,” Salman explained.

WE SAID THIS: Dubai has been paying extra attention this year for monitoring the holy month’s tents stating that only hotels with a four-star rating and above are legally allowed to host a Ramadan tent.