Enjoy Orange’s Heartwarming “Sunnat Al Hayat” Campaign This Ramadan

Orange has surprised us yet again with a breathtaking and heartwarming campaign this Ramadan called “Sunnat Al Hayat”. The purely authentic and positive ad, starting from the song, the choice of singer, and the moments captured from real-life situations, have for sure left us all in awe. “Sunnat Al Hayat” is actually one of the most powerful ads this year, succeeding in capturing our attention and our hearts, so we thought why not share it with you!

Let’s focus first on the emotional aspect of the ad; it depended mainly on the visuals of real-life and ordinary people who are just like you and me, which played an important role in setting the tone of the whole campaign. The creativity in crossing all the norms of every year’s Ramadan ads that we’re usually used to watching, where the stars are usually our favorite celebs whom we love and don’t mind seeing 10 times a day. This is usually the policy of companies that compete with each other for best ad.

However, this ad came back in Orange’s favor this year. They easily managed to affect the viewer’s emotions by using simple situations and people experiencing similar moments to ours, going through the same details we do in our own lives. Our favorite part is when the mother impatiently waits for her son to come home from abroad, face-timing him and asking when he’ll be back; little does she know that he’s only minutes away, ready to surprise her with his arrival.

After the ad manages to reach and affect the viewer’s emotions by reminding them of sentimental memories, that despite the long distances between them that occurred due to the current circumstances, a connection can be achieved by including real and sincere human moments without any acting and fabrication, just a joyful and honest environment in only two minutes and 26 seconds, with Emirati singer Hussain Al-Jassmi singing in the background, a song that has been at the no.1 trending spot on Anghami for a week now!

During just the first ten days of Ramadan, the ad also hit 30M views on YouTube and reached the highest sharability of 140K shares, and got 115K shares on user-generated content. Al-Jassmi’s exceptional performance earned the respect and admiration of millions of Egyptians who expressed it on various social media platforms and also praised the unique idea of the ad, its goal, and the warmth that they had felt while watching it.

Orange succeeded in tackling a global issue that everyone is struggling with right now. By showing us the importance of virtual communication in connecting us with the ones we miss the most, especially during this time of year, being around our families, relatives, and friends can almost be sacred. So Orange chose “We bring you closer to what matters most to you” as its slogan to connect us during the difficult times, to bring us closer to all the people we love the most, no matter how far they are. And finally, Orange used the hashtag that led the ad to stand out among other competitors, وحشتنا_اللمة#.

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