Elves: You Don’t Need to Do Anything More Because This App Will Do It for You

Via Elves

We Egyptians are many things, but one thing we aren’t is being punctual. It’s not our fault, we’re just programmed to be very, very lazy; it’s just who we are. Which is why it put a smile on our faces when we found out about Elves.


Via Elves


Think of Elves as your very own personal assistant. The app will do, book, buy anything you want, anywhere you want for free. Stuck at work but also need to run an errand at the same time? Elves. Need to get a plumber to fix your toilet? Elves. Your life is a mess and you’re in need of someone to get it all together? Probably, Elves.


“Anything you need or can imagine that can be accomplished outside of Hogwarts, Elves will do. Simple things like booking my flight, or get me cinema tickets, to more complicated requests like planning my honeymoon, or a trip around Europe. Fun things, like take me skydiving or rent a yacht, or buy me a cool gadget, to chores like paying my bills or pick up those sweets for the invite,” Muhammed Aymgman Helmy, Head of Operations, tells us. “All this is done through chat on our app, or even better, on our Facebook messenger platform. We use our tech to teach machines that help our elves do the things you want, faster, and smarter so that you always have more time for you!”


Via Elves


What makes Elves special is the fact that you don’t interact with bots, but actual humans. “One of Elves’ best features is that there’s always a human being on the other side of the chat filtering and approving the suggestions made by our tech,” Helmy stresses.



WE SAID THIS: We’re currently downloading Elves, and so should you. 

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