Switching to an Electric Shaver Was the Best Adult Decision I’ve Ever Made

Ever since puberty hit me like a train and I had to learn how to shave, I’ve only used manual razors. Not for any reason, I simply didn’t know about the existence of foil shavers— and boy, was I missing out. If you are someone who is new to using an electric shaver, it may be time to make this switch as soon as possible. Understandably, there are a number of them on the market, so the decision process may not be the easiest. But checking out sites such as gear surfer could make this a lot less stressful. Once you’ve got your hands on one, you’ll see what I mean about missing out. This article basically entails my beautiful journey with how I have come to love using Braun shavers, so buckle up.


To begin with, I chose the Braun Series 3 shavers because I’m a man in a hurry, with semi-skin problems, and don’t fancy expensive blades and messy techniques. Electric shavers don’t consume your time as much, and they support us in our busy lives so that we have time to do things that actually matter. Same job, faster!


One thing that irritated my skin when shaving is the god awful acne on my face that made shaving a nightmare to my sensitive skin. What I discovered with electric shavers is that there is lesser irritation due to foil cutting mechanics – less risk of nicks and cuts. Braun Series 3 was definitely the best adult decision I’ve ever made, good-bye puberty!



Men are busier than they’ve ever been and are constantly seeking new ways to master daily routines with agility and speed.



Wash your face before shaving



Before you shave, wash your face to get rid of all the dirt and debris to soften the skin and open up your pores for a smoother shaving experience. Men tend to have in-grown hair, and exfoliation can help remove the dead skin cells blocking the hair; thus, giving you a close and smooth shave.



Let the shaver do the work


Via Braun


No need to press hard, the 3D triple action free float system adapts to every facial contour to guarantee
a smooth shaving experience (which leaves no hair uncut and ensures less irritation). The Wet & Dry function also gives the skin the extra touch of hydration and softness during the shave.



Always moisturize



Finish off your shave with a moisturizer or, if you have sensitive skin, a post-shave balm — to ensure skin remains supple and hydrated. Apply cold water to cool the skin off after shaving to close the pores!



The extra



The new Series 3 Shave & Style comes with trimming elements that allow you to also keep your beard in shape should you wish to experiment with your facial look.



WE SAID THIS: Thank me later for this life-changing decision.