El-Shorouk Kidnapped Egyptian Boy is Finally Back to his Family Safely!

This week, social media in Egypt has been set on fire by an incident that is every parent’s nightmare. A young boy, Sami Hesham, was reportedly kidnapped in El-Shorouk and a photo of a dark blue car chased by a running woman went viral. The post was soon shared by thousands, yet due to the parents’ request to keep it low during the investigations and the photos were removed.

Rumors circulated that both parents are bankers which led to speculations that this is a ransom case. Today we wake up to the great news that the child is back with his parents. Allegedly, the prosecutor of New Cairo, headed by Counselor Mohamed Salama, ordered the unloading of the family’s surveillance cameras which are located outside the house. According to Youm7, preliminary investigations revealed that there were financial differences between the father and the abductors. A ransom of EGP 2 million was demanded but thankfully the criminals were caught and the child is now safe.

WE SAID THIS: May God protect all of our children.