Here’s Why El-Sadma TV Show Is the Best and Most Important Thing This Ramadan


Amidst all the obnoxious prank shows that are invading our houses, whether it’s people set on fire or celebrities being attacked by lions, finally the Arab world brings us the only prank show that should exist because it aims at respecting humans, not degrading them.


El-Sadma, presented by Karim Kojak, takes place in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iraq. The concept is to put people in a shocking situation that requires their interference. The sadma -the shock- comes in different forms, from a son insulting his elderly father to a customer yelling at an employee with special needs.


We get to watch people who are shocked or hurt and we imagine how we would react in a similar situation. The hurt is obvious in everyone’s eyes, yet only some of them speak up against the verbal abuse. Some seem genuinely scared, while others immediately attack the abuser. It gives you hope in a better world.


This is what Ramadan and every other month of the year should be all about. It’s not just defending others; we should be kind to one another. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been in a similar situation and kept my mouth shut, fearing for my own safety. We salute the team that brought us such a positive and respectful show that is basically a slap in the face.


WE SAID THIS: Bring back the good manners, people.


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