Egyptian Vlogger Epically Explains the Meaning Behind The ‘Kalbouba’ Trend

Via Wad3ana Show

No country can beat Egypt when it comes to humor. Every day, there are thousands of new social media trends, memes, and vlogs; but only a few manage to stand out and go viral. My absolute new favorite Facebook page is hands down ‘Wad3ana Show’. I just discovered it yesterday; although it’s been up since 2017 and I ended up watching every single video posted. I would assume that the young and rather mysterious man behind the show will be the next big thing.

I’ve been seeing the word ‘Kalbouba’ online for weeks now and gladly, I had no idea what it meant. Along came the Wad3ana show, and it epically told us how to spot a Kalbouba. The guy is a pro. His humor is effortless, dark, and sarcastically offensive.

Via Wad3ana Show

We talked to the newest vlogger on the block, Khaled Hossam about his rising stardom. “I started Youtube in 2011 as a gaming channel but it didn’t workout for me so well so I stopped for a while and got back on track in 2017 as “Wad3ana Show” to bring something new and different”, the 22-year-old vlogger told us.

Hossam explained that tackling social media trends in a dark comedy manner was a way of escapism and a stress reliver during hard times and an open platform where he could share his thoughts without restrictions. “I really really like directing, editing videos and script writing but the one thing I don’t like the most is acting or generally be in front of a camera,” he added.

No matter how much time or efforts the videos require, Hossam explained that he is up for any challenge as good content lasts forever. “At the end it’s rewarding seeing how a video can make people laugh, cheer them up or even smile. It makes me happy and I’m living for this feeling. Oh, and did I mention that I’m a pro gamer?”

Watch the best online video of the month below:

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