This Egyptian Shoe Designer Just Solved Every Woman’s Problems

There is nothing worse than ending a long night of partying with a limp. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. You spend a fortune on a pair of heels that will make you look like Bella Hadid -at least in your head- then head to a party or a wedding, make a grand entrance, to only to end up with a cringe on your face a couple of hours later. That’s not the worse part; You’ll have to deal with an existential crisis. Do I spend the rest of the night bare foot and embrace mother nature? If so, will my swollen feet fit back in when I’m leaving? If I decide to walk shoe-less to the car, will this ruin my previous grand entrance effect? So many questions that add unnecessary misery to your night.

Yet, today I would like to thank the universe, laws of physics, and gravity for this new shoe line created by Egyptian Designer, Gehane Felfel. G soul is basically footwear heaven. The designs are flat, shimmery, fun, comfortable, feminine with an edge, and worthy of our soles.

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“I’ve been wanting to start this project for seven years, but I didn’t want to design just anything. I spent some time studying footwear design, and show and pattern making in London College of Fashion. Being a mom of two was definitely a challenge but I finally came back to Cairo and started my business, ” Felfel told us.

The line has a women empowerment message with its Wonder Woman design and famous Egyptian proverb “Elregl tedeb makan mat7eb” (which translates to the feet goes wherever it wants). “I wanted to blend my two obsessions: Jewelry and shoes, so I spent a year in Azza Fahmy’s school where I got to learn about turning my inspirations into products and perfectly explaining what I want to the manufacturer,” the designer further explained.

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G-souls are perfect for moms, working women, college students -basically anyone with a hectic lifestyle- who want to look glamorous without having to suffer. The designer wants women to feel sexy wherever they go.

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But don’t be fooled, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with the Egyptian designer. Felfel has unleashed quite the rocker alter-ego in some of her designs at Azza Fahmy’s academic program.

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