Egyptian Rapper Marwan Pablo’s ‘Barraserb’ Unveils Vol. 2: A Futuristic Winter Collection

Fans who know the rapper Marwan Pablo enough know he strives to bring authenticity and innovation to his beats and lyrics. This also extends to his sense of fashion.

The good news here is that Pablo’s outfits are now more accessible since he launched his fashion brand ‘Barraserb’ in 2023, which translates to ‘out of the herd,’ echoing his overall presence in the scene, where he strives to stand out.

The brand has just unveiled its second collection. While some might criticize it for being peculiar or unconventional, others may admire it for the same reasons.

Via Barraserb

The winter collection features printed hoodies and T-shirts branded with Barraserb’s logo and a waterproof polyester orange windbreaker functional jacket equipped with several pockets, complemented by a unique curved cross bag, adding an extra edge and a technical flair.

Via Barraserb

The first collection, launched last September, featured T-shirts that carry the brand’s distinct logo. Vol.2 of the collection, released on February 4th, offers even more stylistic varieties. The brand, which was founded by Marwan Pablo and Xander Ghost, is expected to pave its way through the region in no time.

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