Egyptian Railway Authority Suspends More Than 2,000 Workers Due to Drug Abuse

Via Lonely Planet

The safety of humans shouldn’t be jeopardized because of other people’s negligence. If a staff member has a job that puts them in direct contact with human lives, it’s their responsibility to take extra care in order not to risk those lives. It was a great move when the Egyptian Railway Authority suspended a total of 2,500 workers after they tested positive for drug use.

The move was part of the anti-addiction campaign that was launched by the authority and examined 23,000 workers out of 33,000 at affiliated companies.

The workers were referred to investigations, and are obliged to enroll in a treatment program and be tested twice again within six months. The move is necessary for everyone to understand the value of human life.

WE SAID THIS: Let this be a warning for all workers in different sectors who abuse drugs.

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