Egyptian Olympic Swimmer Stuns in Her Latest Shoot With Vogue Arabia

Just when we thought Farida Osman couldn’t possibly impress us any further, a photoshoot happens and our jaws just dropped. For the past few years, Egypt’s golden girl and Olympic swimmer has become a national pride and an inspiration for every young girl out there. Osman has easily captivated our hearts with her unprecedented aquatic skills.

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Vogue Arabia just shared a sneak peak of Farida Osman’s interview in their January issue and the swimmer, hands down, turned into a goddess. The young lady looks fierce, dominating, powerful, and sexy as hell.

Olympic swimmer @farida_osman (who is hoping to represent Egypt in the 2020 Tokyo) talks to #voguearabia about the challenges she faces. “Life as a female athlete is filled with obstacles. Being an Arab swimmer adds extra challenges." For another dose of girls-can-do-anything, read the intimate interview in the #JanuaryIssue (out now). ? @batoolaldaawi السبّاحة المحترفة فريدة عثمان @farida_osman (التي ستمثل مصر في أولمبياد 2020 في طوكيو) تتحدث إلى #ڤوغ_العربية عن التحديّات العديدة التي تعترض مسيرتها الرياضية، فتقول: ’’حياة الرياضيات مليئة بالعقبات. ولأنني سبّاحة عربية، أواجه مزيداً من التحديّات‘‘. لاكتساب جرعة تحفيزية إضافية ودعم فكرة أن الفتيات بارعات في القيام بأي عمل، اِقرئي تفاصيل هذا اللقاء الحصري الذي أجريناه مع السبّاحة الواعدة على صفحات #عدد_يناير (حالياً بمنافذ البيع). الصورة بعدسة بتول الضاوي @batoolaldaawi.

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Styled by Gehad Abdalla in a Kojak gown and Reem Jano jewelry, photographer, Batool Al-Daawi, managed to capture Farida’s beauty and grace. Honestly, Osman just turned water into fire.

WE SAID THIS: Simply wow!