Egyptian Movie ‘Photocopy’ to Open Korea’s 9th Arab International Film Festival

By Nour El-Miligi

Quarantine seems to keep us lagging, losing track of time and dates. But in case you’re not keeping up, we’re here to excitedly announce that the 9th edition of the Arab Film Festival is just around the corner and as flashy as it can get. This year the festival decided to kick off with the Egyptian movie, “Photocopy” (2017) as the first film to be screened during the festival! 

South Korea’s Arab film festival is set to take place between the 16th and 21st of July from the heart of the Korean capital, Seoul. Over ten movies will take over the festival, with “Photocopy” not only being the movie inaugurating the festival, but also the only Egyptian one on the movies’ list.

“Photocopy” narrates the tale of a retiree old man, Mahmoud Hemeida, who decided to open his own photocopy shop where he starts discovering new things in life, eventually falling in love with his neighbor. The actor, together with Sherine Reda, portrays something we rarely see on screen, a love story between two older people, and that’s exactly what adds a sprinkle of special to the movie! 

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