Egyptian Man Uses Selfies to Promote Tourism, and the Results Are Stunning

In this day and age, social media has proved that it is a force not to be reckoned with. It has the ability to change how we interact with one another or receive information. It has even changed the way we travel and experience the wonders of the world.


Recently, social media has played a vital role in promoting tourism in Egypt — from bringing bombshell Salma Hayek to Egypt and much more. The latest social media star has proved to be Mostafa Khater, an Egyptian man with a liking to selfies. He has used his obsession with his camera to promote his love for his country, and the results are breathtaking.



Check out the stunning pictures below:


Mostafa Khater in Borg El Arab Stadium before the qualification match. Via Egypt today


with the Giza Pyramids. Via Egypt today
Alexandria. Via Egypt today


Fjord Bay, Taba. Via Egypt today


Maadi Island, Cairo. Via Egypt today
Laila Murad’s Rock, Marsa Matrouh. Via Egypt today
with the Nile. Via Egypt today
Planetarium Science Center. Via Egypt today


WE SAID THIS: We need more people like Khater.