Egyptian Legend Taha Hussein to be Honored at Abu Dhabi’s 2022 Book Fair

Egypt is a magical nation where a number of authors and thinkers have left legacies in a variety of fields, the most important of which is literature. This is owing to the Arabic language’s distinctive and rich characteristics, which make it one of the world’s oldest and most cultivated languages.

Therefore, legends like Taha Hussein are one of the most influential people in Egypt’s history with all of his glorious achievements that went on to inspire many generations. Hussein was born on Nov. 4, 1889, in Minya Governorate. He was an Egyptian writer who educated people and wrote historical novels. From 1951 to 1952, he was also the Minister of Education. Hussein issued a ministerial directive in 1951 abolishing all fees in all public and vocational secondary schools as a result of his passion for education. In 1944, he was a consultant to the minister of education, who carried out Hussein’s advice to abolish primary school fees. Hussein’s dedication and love for his profession was encouraging, as he did not let his disability (being blind) stop him from reaching his goals.

Dr. Hussein was also recognized by the United Nations for his contributions to education. His work was influential in many places and spoke volumes. Novels, critical essays, and publications on philosophy and education were among them. With that being said, Dr. Taha Hussein will be honored at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair for his outstanding accomplishments.

Ali bin Tamim, the President of the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre in the United Arab Emirates, revealed earlier yesterday that Egyptian writer and intellectual Taha Hussein will be the focal point of the Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2022, which will take place next May. This is due to Hussein’s contribution to the enrichment of Arab culture.

He went on to say that the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre’s initiatives are aimed at consolidating the status of the Arabic language in order to achieve the Emirates’ vision of the Arabic language having a bright future and dedicating its presence as a language of science, knowledge, and creativity.

It is a source of great pride for Egypt that one of its philosophers and all-time thinkers have remained popular and influential to this day, receiving countless awards from other countries.

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