Egyptian Judge Shows Sympathy Towards ‘Pampers Child Rapist’ and It’s NOT Okay

Via youm7


It’s safe and very sad to say that most of us are aware of the “Pampers Child Rapist” incident by now. For those of you who don’t, a 34-year-old man raped a 20-months-old baby that was in her diapers at the time of the rape. The incident became a public opinion case, and has shed light to pedophilia and child molestation.


While we were trying to find a silver lining because at least now pedophilia will receive a much stronger punishment, the judge decides to have sympathy for, not the victim, but the rapist!


After the rapist confessed to his crime, the judge made a speech that stressed on the fact that “everybody makes mistakes.” He then goes to ask the rapist if he regrets his crimes, and that whatever the punishment is, God is forgiving.



The judge didn’t show any sympathy for the baby or her family whatsoever. He never mentioned the inevitable trauma the baby will have to suffer for the rest of her life. He didn’t ask for an apology from the rapist to the family of the victim, but he only cared about the rapist. The man who removed diapers from a 20-months-old girl to rape her.


The final verdict isn’t out yet, and at this very point, it’s irrelevant. The fact that a judge shows sympathy for a man who confessed about his crime is a crime by itself. You’re giving a rapist room for forgiveness, and you’re belittling the crimes he committed. Every other rapist and child molester would use what you said to defend themselves. They will say “it was a one time thing,” and will be expecting forgiveness, just like you did to this rapist.



WE SAID THIS: This is a whole new type of low. Treat rapists like rapists, and let pedophiles rot in jail. God is forgiving if someone truly regrets what they did, and not someone who’s only sorry for being caught!