Egyptian Couple Share Their 7 Secrets to a Healthy Relationship

Our 7 habits for a healthy relationship! Nabil Rostom

Posted by Norshek Fawzy on Friday, December 30, 2016


Maintaining a healthy relationship is a no walk in the park. You have a career (that’s probably not stable at the moment due to the market in Egypt), you have a partner to tend to, you have responsibilities as a wife or a husband, add kids to the equation and it can feel like a war zone most days of the week.


Nabil Rostom and Norshek Fawzy are a young Egyptian couple who have gained quite a popularity on social media as fitness gurus and adorable parents. The founders of Jumpsuite, a platform that creates and sells training and nutrition plans, just went live on Facebook to share with us how they maintain that Instagram perfect relationship we all seem to want.


So basically they have seven habits: eat together, get physical together, help those in need, practice a habit, meditate or/and pray and let go of any grudge before going to bed. Too adorable! Oh, and yes, we here at Scoop Empire know that it’s hard to do all seven of these habits but you have to start somewhere.



WE SAID THIS: Who needs to know about the seven deadly sins when you can know about the seven healthy habits?