Egyptian Actress Sabrien Trends on Social Media After Removing Hijab

Egyptian actress Sabrien is currently trending on several social media platforms. Sadly, it’s not for a new role or some public announcement, but because of a personal decision she recently made. Just one day ago, Sabrien posted a couple of pictures of herself after she took off her hijab, and people can’t seem to remain calm about it!

Each picture of the two she posted has at least two thousand comments, from a few who are supporting her, to the majority who took it upon themselves to judge and remind her that her personal decision is a wrong one. Thousands have also tweeted about Sabrien today to express their opinion about her decision.

Sabrien’s colleagues have made it a point to show her support since the actress is certainly going through enough with everyone lining up to judge her so publicly.

WE SAID THIS: Imagine how simple life would be if people minded their own business!

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