Egypt To Build A Ministry Dedicated Only To African Affairs!

Egyptians are well known for building stuff to impress, just like how King Isma’il Pasha built the Mena House hotel for a Spanish queen that was visiting, and the whole thing about the pyramids that speaks for itself!

Via Egyptian Streets

So, in a recent attempt to impress, the Egyptian government has decided to build a ministry! Yes, you actually heard that right … and they are going to dedicate it to handle everything related to the African affairs that are taking place not only in the region but the whole world.

The decision to build the ministry is believed to be an attempt by the Egyptian government to prove to the continent that they “care” about their fellow neighbors, State Information Services Africa expert Ramadan Oweiss suggested to Al Hayah fi Misr’s Kamal Mady. Oweiss added, “the move would put an end to accusations that Egypt has long neglected its African neighbors”.

WE SAID THIS: Hope this move solves the renaissance dam dilemma!