Marine plastic pollution has reached a tipping point. By 2050, there may be more plastic than fish in our oceans, according to scientists. Running up to the task, literally, was adidas! With their mission on ending plastic waste, they launched their annual campaign ‘Run For The Oceans’ global virtual run for the 4th time. The run lasted for two weeks, starting from May 28th, 2021, and ending on June 8th. However, what were the intentions behind this mass event? The primary objective was merely to run for the oceans. The more people run, the more kilometers, therefore the more plastic waste to be removed from beaches and islands. Sports harness the power of raising awareness, be it from a renowned athlete or from a reputable company. When adidas stands for something, we know they’re firm and adamant on their objectives.

A virtual run for the oceans

The run aims to collectively increase awareness on the plastic threat towards marine life, in hopes on salvaging our neighbors of nature and all that encompasses it. The run was organized through the adidas ‘Runtastic’ app. For every kilometer that someone runs, it is equivalent to the removal of 10 plastic bottles from islands and shores from all around the world. In Egypt, adidas was able to successfully dispose of over four tons (4,000kg) of plastic waste from our vital and historic Nile River, collaborating as well with Very Nile. 50 participants in the run were selected randomly in a lottery where they won vouchers worth 2K for each one redeemable on primeblue products. adidas x Parley’s new collection of PRIMEBLUE products use yarn made with 50% Parley Ocean Plastic, allowing them to lace up in sportswear which is good for performance, and the planet. In addition, 26,250 runners in Egypt participated in this virtual run!

A global run by adidas

In April 2015, adidas announced a partnership with Parley for the Oceans, an organization that raises awareness about the beauty and fragility of the oceans. This year, over five million runners from all corners of the globe participated in ‘Run For The Oceans,’ a record-breaking number. Furthermore, adidas’ strategy ‘Own the Game,’ which was launched in March 2021, aims on further expanding ‘Run For The Oceans’ in order to create a more inclusive digital and physical community space. By 2025, adidas aims to achieve a cumulative participation of over 40 million people. Parley Ocean Plastic and adidas have cooperated with each other vigorously throughout the past several years, and continue to do so. More than 30 million pairs of shoes, in collaboration with Parley Ocean Plastic, have been produced by adidas in order to dispose of plastic waste that invade coastal communities and beaches globally.

WE SAID THIS: We salute you adidas! Keep on running for our planet!