Egypt Supports International Movement To Reach Stability In Sudan

By Rahma Haggag.

Thousands of protesters rallied in Sudan’s capital of Khartoum in support of Omdurman; the city that has suffered the most violence in recent days. Sudan’s security forces tried to stop the protesters there, by using tear gas but the people of Sudan succeeded in crossing a bridge to the capital Khartoum, where protesters also faced heavy tear gas.

Protests started because the Sudanese people were against the political change that happened 11 weeks prior, and they are trying to keep up the pressure on key people in government. On the other hand, Sudanese police forces decide to face the protests by using tear gas because the pro-democracy demonstrators made their way towards the presidential residence. 

The Sudan police closed many main streets to prevent the protesters from gathering. Moreover, the number of dead protesters since the last October reached 63. A protester died during yesterday’s protests after being hit in the head with a tear gas canister. Furthermore, Egypt showed its support to any international movement to achieve stability in Sudan.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged all parties to work together to choose a new, transitional prime minister and establish a government as soon as possible. He also said that the stability of Sudan will always be an important part of Egypt’s and the region’s security. That is why he called all the Sudanese parties to start opening a real conversation between each other to try solving what is happening in Sudan to prevent the country from descending into chaos.

In addition, medics were spotted protesting the police forces’ storming of hospitals and medical facilities during previous demonstrations yesterday. On the other hand, The United Nations has announced the start of a political process to settle Sudan’s current issue by establishing and financing a thorough dialogue among all parties and components in the nation.

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