Egypt Jumps 10 Places to Rank the 95th in the 2018 Global Innovation Index

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In its 11th edition, the Global Innovation Index report has seen Egypt rise to the 95th position. Ever since 2017, the MENA country has moved up 10 places, becoming the most improved country in the North Africa/West Asia region.

The Global Innovation Index (GII) provides detailed data about the innovation performance of 126 countries, comprising 90.8% of the world’s population. The findings are based on a number of markers including political environment, education, infrastructure, and business sophistication. The GII is published by New York-based Cornell University, the international business school of INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

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Egypt’s achievements did not stop there, as the Innovation Efficiency Ratio, an integral part of the GII report, has seen the country denounce the 81st position of 2017 and jump all the way to the 45th. Furthermore, Egypt has ranked 16th from a total of 30 lower-middle income economies in the index, and 17th among the 19 countries of West Africa/East Asia region.

According to GII 2018, “Egypt proves to be highly efficient in translating its innovation inputs into outputs, as demonstrated by this ratio.”

The improvement came on all fronts as the North African country leaped 27 places in the knowledge and technology category, ranking 66th worldwide. Moreover, the creative output metric has seen Egypt jump eight places to rank 89th.

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Small-scale development was evident in the fields of market sophistication, infrastructure, institutions, and business sophistication categories, according to Enterprise. 

Such results came in the light of increased scientific research spending with a budget of EGP 19.9 billion allocated to support the various scientific fields within the country. Consequently, a whopping 20,000 international research papers were published in 2018. The report has also added that the number of issued patents reached 108 from 975 patent applications.

In a statement by Mohammed Al-Khosht, President of Cairo University, the country’s leading higher education institute has achieved 100% progress according to the British QS World University Rankings.

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The mother university of Egypt recorded 30.8% in academic reputation, in addition to 55% in faculty reputation. In the Arab World, Cairo University ranks 11th in the QS rankings.

Across the Nile, Mahmoud El Metiny, Dean of Aim Shams’ Faculty of Medicine, has stated that the faculty has jumped 50 places in the fields of Medicine and Biology.

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