Egypt Hosts Dior For Spectacular Launch Of 2023 Men’s Pre-Fall Collection

Let’s just say, the Great Pyramids of Giza met up with the great fashion house of Dior for a grand spectacle witnessed and awed by the world on Saturday. Dior presented their pre-fall men’s 2023 autumn collection, ‘Celestial’ designed by contemporary English fashion designer Kim Jones as the Great Pyramids of Giza lit up in absolute fashion. The show truly gave the audience a celestial and ancient experience, all the Pyramids had to do was show up and they did.

The Great Pyramids

The music set the mood for what the audience would experience next, eerie and seductive one attendee described it as, ‘really gets into your head’. As the music created a trance like state, the chilly weather by sheer chance orchestrated the right ambience of suspense and excitement. Out in the sandy distance as the audience looked ahead the spectacle that is the Great Pyramids of Giza lit up as small figurines draped in flowy materials began hiking up to the runway.

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The music took a change and a vibration could be sensed, Dior had thankfully left guests with heavy scarves to get the audience snug and comfortable. The clothing was filled with flow and movement accentuated by the richness of the endless sand and epic Pyramids. The models came out on a mission, and one by one they did not disappoint, rippling in the distance as they walked closer to the audience, both subtle and prominent.

As the show came to an end, a magical music performance was delivered by composer Max Richer as his compositions were brought to life. Attendees were left in the presence of the Great Pyramids of Giza, a subtle light show only there to accentuate and highlight the grandeur of the Pyramids and simply good music. Naturally, an after party followed where the star-studded event was left to mingle and admire what they had collectively experienced.

The audience was mixed with celebrities galore from both here and there, from Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki known for his romantic tunes, head to toe in classic Dior to iconic English model, not new to Egyptian lands, Naomi Campbell. The rich entourage also included British actor, Daniel Kaluuya, Kaluuya acted in a number of Hollywood projects including Marvel’s “Blank Panther” and the psychological-thriller film, “Get Out.”

Robert Pattinson aka the new (controversial) Batman and Suki Waterhouse, who have been dating for four years also made their official red carpet debut when Pattinson donned a cream-colored suit over a brown turtleneck sweater. Moreover, South-Korean singer Cha Eun-woo wooed attendees in an electric light blue sweater as expected from the Dior ambassador.

It is safe to say the star of the night was the Great Pyramids of Giza offering just the right ambience for a truly celestial night, a big thank you is owed to the grand structures contribution for Dior’s pre-fall menswear’s collection harmonious success.

Egyptian Grand Museum

This wasn’t the only spectacle as a day before the Grand Egyptian Museum had opened its doors for Dior. Dior Tears, a guest capsule collection created by Tremaine Emory of Denim Tears was unveiled by the French fashion house on Friday night amidst the beauty and true fashion of the ancients. The collection offered a sense of Jones’ signature, combining sportswear with elegance through partnerships like Air Dior.

The star-studded event saw the likes of Lewis Hamilton, reigning Formula One world champion from the United Kingdom.

Egyptian-British adored actor Amir El-Masry made his appearance on both nights looking as chic as can be.

British supermodel Naomi Campbell made an appearance at the event where she expressed her excitement, “Egypt for me is part of Africa. And so this is a big deal that Dior and Kim Jones have chosen to be here.”


Dior is fashion’s favourite form of art, and little time had passed before the Great Egyptian Pyramids had also hosted Art D’Egypte, which brought in modern artists from all walks of life to display their mind tickling art. Dior was present. Dior was captivated. Art D’Egypte Founder, Nadine AbdelGhaffar gave us an exclusive regarding how the match made in heaven came to be, “it is quite the story, I met the Head of Dior PR and Communication through a zoom call with one of our international artists for Forever is Now, he took a chance on me and decided to sponsor our first edition of Forever is Now, not only that but invited CEO Dior to the art exhibition…first time in Egypt and he fell in love and decided to do the fashion show! What they have done to pay tribute to our civilization in total respect, working with Egyptian firms and factories not to mention the events that happened around the fashion show itself was important for Egypt and showed its abundant beauty. From one visit to one art exhibition such a grand event took place and what an event”. AbdelGhaffar concluded by stating a fun fact about Christian Dior himself who had visited Egypt back in 1956, “I think he would be proud to see his fashion show happening at the Great Egyptian Pyramids. I believe this means so much for Egypt”.

Dior certainly made a fashionable arrival to Egypt and has turned heads of not only the fashion community but the world. The success of the event has been the talk of the town.

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