Egypt Dubbed the Medical Tourism Hub of the Region

1 Intro

One of our all-time favorite travelers, Alyne Tamir, aka Dear Alyne, just posted another bubbly video of hers and guess which Arab country made it to that one? It’s Egypt! It wasn’t the first time for our beloved Egypt to make an appearance in travelers’ videos.

Nuseir Yassin, aka Nas Daily and also Alyne’s boyfriend/travel companion, posted a set of his one-minute videos including stunning facts about the country after the couple’s visit as well. In addition to many more travelers who came to see the majestic Great Pyramids of Giza and only to find much more than what they read in history books. One of the important things Alyne was introduced to during her trip was medical tourism, and that’s exactly what she discussed in her video.

Alyne presented the concept of medical tourism to her fans. Since healthcare systems could be extremely expensive in some countries, like Alyne’s homeland, USA, one could resort to getting treatment in another more affordable country.

Just like she did with her root canal in Egypt. We’re really glad you got your tooth fixed and even satisfied with our service, but Dear Alyne, we’d like to show you that we even have much more to offer when it comes to medical tourism! In fact, we’re glad that someone actually brought it up so we could show the world that medical tourism is a big thing in Egypt and that we take it seriously. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all the health benefits you could enjoy during your trip to Om El Donia.

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