Egypt Dubbed the Medical Tourism Hub of the Region


One of our all-time favorite travelers, Alyne Tamir, aka Dear Alyne, just posted another bubbly video of hers and guess which Arab country made it to that one? It’s Egypt! It wasn’t the first time for our beloved Egypt to make an appearance in travelers’ videos.

Nuseir Yassin, aka Nas Daily and also Alyne’s boyfriend/travel companion, posted a set of his one-minute videos including stunning facts about the country after the couple’s visit as well. In addition to many more travelers who came to see the majestic Great Pyramids of Giza and only to find much more than what they read in history books. One of the important things Alyne was introduced to during her trip was medical tourism, and that’s exactly what she discussed in her video.

The Cheapest Health Care!

HEALTH CARE IS TOO EXPENSIVE! And I refuse to pay exhorbitant health care fees to companies that make it difficult to file claims. So for now, THIS is my solution!Whats your solution for Medical Care? Have you done Medical Tourism?

Posted by Dear Alyne on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Alyne presented the concept of medical tourism to her fans. Since healthcare systems could be extremely expensive in some countries, like Alyne’s homeland, USA, one could resort to getting treatment in another more affordable country.

Just like she did with her root canal in Egypt. We’re really glad you got your tooth fixed and even satisfied with our service, but Dear Alyne, we’d like to show you that we even have much more to offer when it comes to medical tourism! In fact, we’re glad that someone actually brought it up so we could show the world that medical tourism is a big thing in Egypt and that we take it seriously. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all the health benefits you could enjoy during your trip to Om El Donia.

Tour n’ Cure

Tour n’ Cure is the ultimate solution for foreigners struggling with hepatitis C as they tour the ancient land of Egypt. As the country had the highest rate of hepatitis patients worldwide, it developed expertise around the issue. That’s why last year this massive campaign was launched to introduce treatment and locally produced low-cost drugs to foreigners. Learn more about this by clicking here.

Head to Siwa for natural therapy

Via Egyptian Tourism Authority

Siwa is best known for its hot water springs and sand baths. The springs are known for its curing powers for diseases such as psoriasis; a skin disease, rheumatism, and some digestive system illnesses. One of the most popular springs over there is Cleopatra’s bath. As for the sand baths, you can head to the sacred Dakrour Mountain for natural therapy for joint, bone, or muscle pains; it’s a great treatment for Rheumatoid patients.

Or Aswan…

Via Anakato

The land of ancient Nubia is not special only because of its magnificent landscapes, iconic landmarks, or legendary history. It’s also well known for its sand baths as well, just like Siwa. There’s even a super romantic story that comes with it; the story of Aga Khan and his wife. Sultan Mahommed Shah, Aga Khan III, was the 48th Imam of the Shia Ismaili sect. He used to spend his winter vacations in Aswan for healthcare. After his death, his French widow, Yvette Blanche Labrousse, also known as Begum Om Habibeh, ordered for his mausoleum to be built. He was buried in Aswan by the Nile and right above their magnificent white villa where they once lived. Until her death in 2000, Om Habibeh continued to leave a red rose on her late husband’s marble tomb. So what about going to treat your joint inflammation while visiting this magnificent sight, the Philae complex, and Abu Simbel?

What about Safaga for a change?

Sportif Windsurf Holidays

Safaga might no longer be in when it comes to summer vacations, but it will remain Egypt’s therapeutic healing zone. It’s not just the sand baths, but the geographical characteristics of beach beah town have a major role in that. All thanks to the surrounding mountains and sheltered bay protecting the town from sandstorms and harmful ultraviolet rays. This makes Safaga ideal for its visitors’ well-being.

Wait, there’s Marsa Matrouh too!

Via Travel Company

Did you know there was a salt cave in Marsa Matrouh? It’s specially made for those with neurological and psychological diseases as it extracts negative energy and relieves tension. It also offers treatment for the thyroid gland, chest sensitivity, or hypertension. The cave is built from salt extracted from the Mediterranean and iodine; which detoxifies the thyroid gland. Are you ready for stress-free 45 minutes of relaxation in the cave with your bare feet all tucked in salt?

Don’t forget to buy herbs before you leave!

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After getting all the treatment you want from our land’s God-given healing powers, in addition to all the touring and playing tourist games, don’t forget to pack some herbs with you. Nubians and Bedouins still rely on nature for medicine to this day; they have herbs that treat whatever crosses your mind, and it’s even better than what they have at the drug store!

WE SAID THIS: Thanks dear Alyne for bringing this up. Let us know how was it if you head to any of these places during your future visit! Adios, me gusta!

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