Egypt Announces Release of New LE 20 Polymer Banknote Ahead of Eid Al-Adha

Following the release of the plastic polymer-made 10 LE banknote, the Central Bank of Egypt is gearing up to issue the new plastic 20 LE banknotes. These banknotes are going to be made available to the public before Eid Al-Adha. The new 20 LE banknote will be the same as the 10 LE banknote in terms of it being water resistant, environmentally friendly and difficult to counterfeit. Along with that, the banknotes will have a lifespan that is three times longer than the current paper version.

In terms of the final look, the Central Bank of Egypt just revealed the latest design of the banknote which will include Braille markings for the visually impaired. This new batch of banknotes will act as a continuation of the country’s efforts to revamp and boost the country’s currency.

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