Easy to Prepare and Healthy Lunch Ideas to Pack to Work

Via Bless This Mess

By Sarah Alblowi

Admit it, we all secretly envy that co-worker who brings their own lunch. If you want to be as amazing and productive, you can with these delicious recipes that don’t require a microwave and won’t stink up your office! Prepare them the night before to help you stick to your goals. If you really want to try and be different with the meals that you are making, why not check out the meals that Sun Basket can prep for you. All you’d need to do is prepare them the night before. They currently have an offer on which means you only have to pay $6.99 per serving with coupon to ensure that your colleagues envy your choice of meal. You should definitely try the meals listed below first before using different services though.

Oh and don’t forget, click on the lunch idea’s name for the full recipe.


Chop chop, done! a healthy fresh meal.

Falafel Salad

Via Orchard Street Kitchen

Vegan-friendly, gluten-free by default, and packed in protein, falafels are really a meal prep life-saver. Shape them into different sizes for multi-purpose; vegan burgers, wraps, pita pockets, or bite-size snacks.

Hot tip: freeze your homemade falafels for quick last-minute meals! Switch up this classic by changing the batter or adding fancy dressings like a maple-tahini dressing.

Thai salad ?

Spring roll in a salad! Vibrant fresh flavors, mango, mint on crisp iceberg lettuce, that’s definitely better than take out!


In this freezing cold, this is all you need!

Moroccan veggie soup?

Via Olive Magazine

Perfect for Indomie junkies, it’s warm, filling and nutritious. I mean, what more could you need in this weather?

Spiced carrot lentil soup

This one’s a twist on a classic! The carrots simply add sweetness that contrasts the spices. Trust me, the time spent in the kitchen is definitely worth it.

Pasta Salads

It’s filling, you can enjoy it chilled; perfect for work.

Caesar pasta salad

Two Italian favorites; pasta and Caesar salad in one! Caesar salads are good, but with pasta? Another level for sure!

Mediterranean pasta salad?

Feta cheese and sun-dried tomato? Yum! Such light lunches help you cool off and add some picnic vibes to the office.


Hummus-veggie sandwich?

Via Bless This Mess

Vegan, but delicious! Chop any vegetables you have around with your desired choice of bread.

Indian spiced chickpea wrap?

Perfect for meatless Mondays; no veggies included! Chickpeas, pineapples, and spinach, all tossed in creamy sauce, we’re here for it!

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