Early 2000s Arab Playlist To Gear Us Up For The Summer

The early 2000s (2001, 2002, and 2003) was a true slice of nostalgia and a time that ushered in some of the Arab world’s most iconic hits. Knowing that summer is fast approaching, we wanted to relive the fun and upbeat hits of the 2000s to gear us up for the ultimate vacation season. Here are our top picks:

Amr Diab – El Allem Allah (2000)

You can’t have a 2000s nostalgia playlist without the icon himself, Amr Diab, who dominated those early 2000s. Strutting through what looks to be a library with his goatee look, he belts out his hit “El Allem Allah,” a song all about how only God knows how much he’s in love.

With upbeat backup dancers and an addictive track, this is your typical Amr Diab hit that’s perfect for the summer.

Diana Haddad – Mani Mani (2000)

Lebanese pop musician Diana Haddad shot to fame in 1996 with her song “Saken.” From there, she dominated the 2000s with her electrifying performances and distinctive fusion of modern Pop and traditional Arabic music.

With her hit “Mani Mani,” she belts out the ultimate heart-wrenching love song but with an upbeat twist. It’s addictive and will get you yearning for that summer love.

Hakim – Ah Ya Albi (2002)

With his contagious smile and energy, Hakim always knows how to get the party started. You can’t have his song playing in the background and not get up and shake it off. The sha’bi king knew how to get everyone on their feet with the 2002 hit “Ah Ya Albi.” We recommend dialing up the volume with this song on your next road trip.

Samira Said ft. Cheb Mami – Youm Wara Youm (2002)

With her beautiful voice and uncanny ability to pick out the best well-known composers and lyricists to work with, Moroccan singer Samira Said knew how to make a mark in the music world.

Bringing her usual fervor to her music, her 2002 hit “Youm Wara Youm” not only gets us all in that mood of longing for our lover but also gets us on our feet.

Saber Rebai – Barsha (2003)

The man behind the infectious hit “Sidi Mansour,” Tunisian performer Saber Rebai won many hearts throughout his music career. In 2003, he dominated the world of Arab music with his hit “Barsha,” the ultimate love ballad of a man completely surrounding himself with his lover. It’s the ultimate song to gear us up for a summer of romance.

Mohamed Mounir – Shamandora (2003)

A legend and storyteller, with each of his songs layered with meaning, Nubian legend Mohamed Mounir remains untouched and unrepeated in his unique musical ingenuity. With his ultimate hit song, the 2003 “Shamandora,” the upbeat tune tells the story of a “shamandora,” which means buoy in Nubian.

In the song, Mounir uses it figuratively to describe his lover or “crush” as a way of saying that she’s the only steady symbol in his life. There’s the love, the water, and the buoy; what more can you ask for in song for the summer?

With two months to go until the summer season, these songs will help you get in the mood for sunny days, beach parties, and relaxing days at the chalet with friends and family.

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