Duchess Camilla’s All-Female Bodyguards Rock Some Serious Girl Power

Duchess Camilla with four of her bodyguards (Photo: @ClarenceHouse)
Duchess Camilla with four of her bodyguards (Photo: @ClarenceHouse)

Can we please talk about the all female security team Duchess Camilla had on her latest visit to the UAE?! We don’t get nearly enough opportunities to talk about girl power in this part of the world, and these ladies make up for it by being seriously badass.


Eight women were hand-chosen from the UAE’s Presidential Guard to escort Her Royal Highness Duchess Camilla during her three-day visit to the UAE with her husband, Prince Charles, earlier this month.


Each of the women is trained in martial arts and close-quarter fighting as well as defensive and evasive maneuvers, the Daily Mail reported earlier this month. The women also concealed weapons in the folds of their traditional abayas and hijabs, apparently.



A photo released by Clarence House last week of Camilla with four of her guards (and a fifth behind her) is seriously awesome; Camilla reportedly called them “angels.”


“It is quite extraordinary to have them,” Camilla told the Daily Mail. “I have never had four women looking after me [and] they are the most incredible women.”


This video, by NowThis Her, will show you just how badass they are:



Earlier this year, three of the women assigned to protect Camilla, Shaima al-Kaabi, Hanan al-Hatawi and Nisreen al-Hamawi, actually conquered Mount Everest. There are more than 50 women in the ranks of the UAE’s Presidential Guard. The royal couple were in town to promote religious tolerance and support women in leadership.



WE SAID THIS: You go, ladies!!!