Dubai to Turn Main Road Into World’s Longest Urban Agriculture Park

Dubai’s motto of bigger is always better is no joke! The desert capital’s main highway is being turned into an environmental tunnel full of rivers and exotic plants.

The 25km greenery will extend from Dubai’s Wold Trade Centre to Jumeriah Beach Residence, turning Sheikh Zayed road into a agriculture art valley. 

Via Archdaily

If you ever been to Dubai, you have most likely been on the main road in the heart of the city, surrounded by skyscrapers filled with luxury apartments, offices and businesses. The project screams creativity, and is now making that drive a jungle! This sustainable move will increase health benefits such as decreasing pollution and heat.

To break the stereotype of only indoor activities in the city, the vegetation will elevate the attraction outdoors. Tourists and locals will no longer wait for cooler months, making outdoor activities accessible all year long. Ahmed Bukhash told Archdaily, this paradigm shift will transform Dubai to make it an accessible, walkable city all year round”. 

Via Archdaily

When completed, the stretch of art and nature will be a crazy walk, bike or ride, making a great social scene. Hopefully inspires a greener approach in the Middle East, considering Dubai was once a desert. The super park turned the cement road into a full blown farm, eco-system and park, adding economical boost and a breath of literal fresh air. 

WE SAID THIS: Wishing all cities get on this bandwagon!