Dubai Super Sale Was So Intense That 3 Dubai Malls Had to Close Their Entrances

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We get it. Big  discounts, offers and sales get to the best of us; they truly do. We forget who we are as people sometimes, especially when it involves an 80% discount on a microwave you will never need because you already have a perfect one at home. It happened in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and now…Dubai.


Via Twitter


Dubai Super sale started with a big bang last weekend. Thousands of people flocked towards malls across the city — all in a bid to snatch the discounts of up to 90%. Again, we get it.



But things got way too out of hand when the parking lots of three of the most popular malls in Dubai — The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and City Centre Mirdiff — were completely full, causing a massive traffic jam around the city. It was reported that people were stuck in the parking lots of these malls for more than one hour (CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THAT?), and of course, the Dubai Police had to get involved. Naturally, they closed the entrances of these malls.



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