Dubai Is Officially the Most Diverse City on Earth


Dubai is making headlines, yet again! And thank God it’s always for all the right reasons.


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The World Migration Report just released the list of top contenders for the title of  ‘Most Diverse Cities in The World’, and guess who made the top of the list? Dubai!



Dubai has literally everything anyone could possibly wish for; from the safety and security it offers its citizens to businesses and entertainment for everybody. No wonder Dubai has come to be the number one diverse city of 2017!






With less than 20 percent of the population being actual Emiratis, and the rest of its residents being individuals from all over the world – individuals who have brought their traditions, cultures, and food along with them – it is no surprise that Dubai was named one of the top three most diverse cities on earth, along with Toronto and Brussels.




WE SAID THIS: We are so proud of you Dubai!