Dubai Named No.1 City in the MENA Region, Rivaling Hong Kong, Bangkok, and London.

Via Gulf News.

New York-based tourism, city, and real estate developer Resonance Consultancy just named Dubai the number one city in the MENA region as well as one of the world’s top 10 cities.

In fact, Dubai was one of the most visited cities in 2019 with 16.3 million tourists. These record-breaking numbers have encouraged the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing to aim for the sky, announcing that they plan to welcome 25 million visitors by 2025, rivaling cities like Hong Kong, Bangkok, and London.

The leading emirate came in as the world’s number two in Resonance Consultancy “Deep Place” category, for which tourism advisors looked at influential factors like crime rate, neighborhoods, and landmarks.

This beautiful desert city has something for everyone, from skyscrapers and high-end restaurants to heritage sites, with old mosques, bustling souqs, and pearl villages. The people of Dubai made sure to leave their footprint for future generations to see. Nowadays, the emirate still celebrates its history, dedicating a number of museums and heritage villages to it, at the same time, it looks to the future, putting plans for daring projects and innovative vision.

WE SAID THIS: Congratulations, Dubai! Hopefully, more Arab cities will be inspired by this.