Dubai TV Host Shares Powerful Instagram Post About Domestic Abuse

Diala Makki, Dubai TV host, journalist, and editor at Marie-Claire Arabia, has posted a picture of herself on her official Instagram account, that truly stands out from all her other photos. While Makki is known to her 222,000 followers for her beauty, elegance, and style, one of Makki’s most recent Instagram posts was drastically different to say the least.


As seen below, Makki posted this photo of herself with special effects makeup -that mimics facial bruising- alongside a heart-wrenching caption. The caption reveals to followers that the TV host will be using her Instagram account as a platform for showcasing the narratives of variant types of women, throughout the entirety of the week.


‎سوف اهدي هذا الأسبوع بكامله للمرأة …سوف استخدم صوتي على صفحتي لتأكيد على أهمية عدم العنف ضد النساء..أنا شخصياً تعرضت للعنف النفسي و لكلٍٍ منا قصة …لا تخجلي من الحديث عن قصتك ،إنها قد تلهم الآخرين I will dedicate this entire week for women , each and every one of us has a story .. don’t be ashamed to share it , it might inspire or help others. HOW WOULD YOU REACT IF THIS WAS NOT MAKEUP??? از داستان زندگی خودتون خجالت نکشید، شاید داستان شما برای دیگران الهام بخش باشد. ‎ #لا_لتعنيف_المرأة #تكلمي_عن_قصتك #saynotoviolence #speakupforthevoiceles#خشونت_علیه_زنان #خشونت_علیه_زنان_را_متوقف_کنید #خشونت_ممنوع

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It is, indeed, obvious that Makki’s first post of the week is dedicated to women who face or have faced domestic abuse, and violence. The simple caption – “How would you react if this was not makeup?”- truly makes one think about the harsh realities that some women have to face on a regular basis.



WE SAID THIS: We hope to see more of such initiatives.