Dubai: Getting Around Town

We ranked the cheapest to the most expensive methods of getting around the city of Dubai because it really isn’t as expensive as everyone thinks!  You don’t think you can afford a Dubai trip? Follow our transport guidelines and never be at a loss for vehicles in Dubai ever again!

Transport in Dubai – How to get around town


There are various options for transport in Dubai. You can choose the cheapest of the cheap, rent a car of your own, or even engage in luxury car rental services. Some of the ways you can get around town are as follows:

  • Public Transportation in Dubai – the Metro, the tram, the bus, and the waterbus are all ways a means of getting around town and they’re cheap as well.
  • Cheap car rental in Dubai – if you hire a car you can have endless choices. You can pick up anything from a battered old Volvo to a luxury car worth hundreds of thousands. When you travel to Dubai, the choice of car rental is almost unending.
  • Luxury car hire in Dubai – by far the most popular option. Luxury car hire means that you get access to some of the most well-known brands of sports cars; giving you a taste of Dubai luxury without the ultimately high price tag.
  • Air and boat travel – the traditional dhow boats are the preferred, authentic, method of public transport for locals. That being said, the truly rich get around Dubai by helicopter… because why not?

So whatever way you want to get around town, you can do it in Dubai!

Luxury car hire in Dubai

Since this is the most popular option, let’s look at luxury car hire before we talk about anything else. You might want a shot at driving a Lexus from A to B, or you may prefer a Lamborghini, a Bugatti, or a Jaguar. Whichever you choose, this gives you a taste of the luxury Dubai lifestyle that many people don’t ever get to try. 

How much will it cost to hire a luxury car in Dubai? 

As with public transport, luxury car hire in Dubai doesn’t cost as much as you might think. So it isn’t as cheap as catching a Dhow or jumping on the Metro – but it costs less to rent a luxury car in Dubai than it does to buy one! You can check the prices for luxury car rental in Dubai if you are unsure.

What about public transportation?

If you are trying to travel to Dubai on a budget then we would suggest that you avoid the luxury cars altogether. There is plenty of public transportation that will be able to take you wherever you need to go. Notably, the taxis in the city that have a pink roof are totally safe for women. IF you are in need of advanced knowledge regarding the budget before you travel, then you can find a fairly accurate list of public transport prices in Dubai, here.

In Dubai, you can always rent a car

If all else fails you can always hire a cheap rental car to take you around town. Most car hire firms are available inside the airport terminals and those that aren’t, will be available online before you go. We do suggest that you try to find car rental in Dubai before you go if you want to make the most out of the special offers.

Final thoughts

There you have it! Whatever your transportation needs for getting around Dubai – whether it is traveling in style or scraping by – there is an option for you.

WE SAID THIS: All it takes is a little research and some expert advice from yours truly!