Dubai-Based Manufacturer W Motors to Launch the Region’s First Automotive Academy!

Via Arabian Business

The Dubai-based, W Motors, happens to be the Middle East’s first and leading developer of high-performance luxury sports cars! It was founded in 2012 by Ralph Debbas, and it is fully integrated with activities including automotive design, research and development, engineering, and manufacturing.


W Motors is known for manufacturing luxury cars including the $3.4m Lykan Hypersport, which was featured in American blockbuster Fast & Furious 7. It appeared in the scene that saw it crash through Abu Dhabi’s  Etihad Towers.

W Motors just announced that they’re set to open the region’s first automotive academy in Dubai in 2021. Students are expected to be trained by robots and taught in virtual reality (VR) classes. The field doesn’t exist in the Arab World, making the academy very promising for the future of automotive manufacturing in the region.

The pioneering CEO announced that he’s planning to build a full ecosystem by 2021, where he’ll train talent and export it from the UAE to the world!

“We’re getting robots to train people within a week. Let’s say you have a car assembled in front of you, you put on a VR mask and it teaches you how to assemble each part. So, you’re learning and you’re doing. Within a week, you’ll get used to the process and become an expert just by having VR teach you,” said Ralph Debbas!


WE SAID THIS:  One should be proud that cars like these get manufactured here in the Arab World!