Divorced Women & Widows Can Now Get A One Year Extension On Their UAE Residence Visa

In the UAE, divorced or widowed women are now granted a one year extension on their residence visa. The grace period begins from the death of their husband or the date of the divorce and is only renewable once. The one year extension also applies to the women’s children but on the condition that they were on their father’s visa at the time of their father’s death or their parent’s divorce. The duration of the child’s visa should also not exceed that of their mother’s.

Mothers and their children have to meet several conditions for the extension to be granted. For the extension to be valid, the deceased or ex-husband has to have been the sponsor of their residency visa prior to the divorce or death. The visa itself has to be valid for the mother and children to be able to receive the one year grace period. The mother also has to submit proof of housing, income as well as undergo a medical examination to be eligible for the one-year extension.

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