The Difference Between Egyptian And European Kids

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The easiest thing in life is spotting an Arab child when you’re in Europe. We do our best as parents to raise well-behaved children and most of the time, we think we’ve nailed it. That is, until we come face to face with a European child.

Your child can be the sweetest little thing but look like Satan incarnated next to a foreigner. I choose to blame geography and genetics.






We all think our kids have excellent table manners. However, seeing European kids at restaurants is usually a slap in the face. They are calm, disciplined, robot-like self-feeding creatures. They make no sound, they’re never distracted and simply smile or nod when communicating. An Egyptian child on the other hand is loud, makes faces, nags about the food served, their parents are forcing all sorts of food into their mouth and the minute they finish their meal, they run around causing mayhem.





In every European country I’ve been to, it’s always the same. Kids stand next to their parents or patiently enjoy their stroller rides while parents shop. There’s zero noise involved and if they dare cry, one glare or whisper by the parent leaves the child like a zombie for the rest of the day. Egyptian kids on the other hand complain, run, scream and in every store, there are moms yelling at her child after he hid between the racks for an hour.


 Visiting friends

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This is where shit hits the fan. I have to admit that many Egyptian kids behave themselves around strangers, yet I can’t get the image of broken glasses, vases or ashtrays out of my childhood memory. Parents always end up removing anything fragile and apologizing to the house owners.


Car seats 




Tantrums, tantrums then more tantrums. They hate rules and confinement.


Bedtime routine

It all starts in Ramadan, when our day starts at 7 PM and kids consequently stay up till at least 11 PM. Then you spend the rest of the year trying to get them to bed early, unlike European kids who disappear from the face of earth at 7 PM.


WE SAID THIS: Revisit this viral visual that went around last year showing how Europeans are not like Egyptians.

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