Developing Character & Creating Passion: 6 Camps in Egypt That Will Unlock Your Child’s Potential

Technological advancement is a double edged sword as many kids today spend most of their day glued to the phone. Whether it’s playing Fortnite or watching TikTok videos, kids have become engrossed in the online world especially reluctant to spend their time outside. The outdoors provides so many benefits for children’s mental health that instead of spending all day in front of a computer or a TV screen, they could be spending their spare time outside with friends engaging in fun activities. With that being said, we’ve put together a special collection of summer camps for kids to hit up in Egypt.


This is one of the region’s most well-known camps, with the goal of communicating with young children via challenging activities and hands-on learning. The WellSpring camp does it all from day use and overnight stays to father & child as well as mother & child camps. They even have family retreats where the whole family would travel together to bond through a series of activities including competitions as well as safaris and pool & water activities. Beyond Egypt, Wellspring also offers international camps in countries like the US, Poland, Greece, Italy, Lebanon and more.

This year, WellSpring Camp is adding a new theme, “I feel,” to their programs. The program aims to help kids learn how to recognize and express their feelings. With that theme in mind, two overnight camps will be held at Ras El Hekmah, one from 15 to 18 July and the other from 5 to 8 August. Kids will get to take part in a slew of activities including competition games, go-karting, camp fires and treasure time. This year, their overnight package will cost 7500 LE.


Young people can develop their personalities and build confidence in themselves and their abilities by exploring culture and the arts. Blooms believe in this, and with their forthcoming camp, you can be sure that your children will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, including fine arts, football, basketball, theatrical games, leadership exercises, and simulation activities. To learn more about the camp and their expected plans for the summer, you can call them on this number: 02 24152411

Little Tots

Little Tots nursery in Maadi is preparing to begin a new summer camp for kids this summer that will include a variety of activities like outdoor games and art projects. The camp date will still be announced but you can give them a call on 01025077477 to learn more about their previous camps, the activities that were held and the expected prices.


“Messy art is ultimately about the creative process – experimenting with raw art materials allows children to develop their curiosity, imagination, and problem-solving skills.” Tournesol’s ultimate belief is that children as young as four and as old as nine years old can attend this camp. This year, there will be a summer camp but its actual dates are still not announced. The camp organizers did mention that the camp will probably take place in the second half of June. Prices will start at 2000 LE per week and increase when you extend the duration of the camp. For additional information, you can contact them at 01118697000.


Leap believes in a child’s individual power and works to nurture it so that he or she can mature into a self-assured adult. This year, their camps will be held in 3 different locations, one in Madinaty, one in Getaway school and one in Capital school. Kids aged 4 to 12 can attend and take part in a range of fun activities including sports, arts & crafts as well as competitions. They have an early bird discount of 50% where you can book an 8 week camp for 8800 LE.

With any of their programs, there are a variety of benefits, including a flexible “teacher-directed” and emergent “child-directed” curriculum as well as a commitment to providing quality early child care. They also focus on the five primary pillars, which include communication skills, self-awareness, physical development, social and emotional intelligence, and learning about the world. To learn more you can call 01013888855 for reservations and additional information.

Your children no longer have an excuse to spend their summer vacation playing video games and watching television. That’s because they can attend one of the camps listed above to acquire a new skill or pursue interests that will perhaps become beneficial to them in the future. They will also be able to discover more about themselves and radically develop their character as a result of such camps.

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